Holographic strips

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Hologram Printers

We also offer our customers possibility of custom printing their holographic stickers that helps in making their products tamper-proof. Here, we offer customers a choice of stock-imprinted security seals on which customers can add their own text. Further, we can also offer off-the-shelf security stickers in range of shapes and sizes.

The range of tamperproof and hologram stickers offered by us meet the demands of every application including popular uses like :

  • Product Labels
  • Software
  • Packaging
  • Security
  • Caution / Warning
  • ID Labels
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Warranty
  • DVD Security Labels

With competitive product pricing, the complete offering includes following 3 hologram stickers :

  • Custom printed security labels
  • Off-the-shelf security labels
  • Tamperproof tape
  • Stock-imprinted security labels

These stickers feature ORIGINAL pattern that leaves customized design word or image behind when removed. Overprinting release holographic stickers also leave overprinting word/image in red, black and other colors.

Features – Hologram Stickers

  • These holographic stickers are of dot-matrix type and have rainbow effect text SECURITY and three flips in foreground and text SECURITY in background
  • These holographic stickers are of size 20mm*20mm
  • These sticker have MOLE hidden text here hidden text only can be seen with help of decode film
  • This holographic sticker is dot-matrix type with zooming in and zooming out circle kinetic movement effect
  • The size of sticker is 20 – 25mm diameter
  • This holographic sticker is of 2D/3D type

High Quality Holograms

We are named as one of the overriding High Quality Holograms manufacturers from India. The company brings forward an inexplicable range of holograms that are protective as well as appealing. These are designed in novelty of designs and captivating patterns. Keeping in mind the shining it needs, the gloss and stiff pattern is used to print and make the holograms. The quality of the holograms is not compromised on.


Types of Holograms :

  • Reflection Hologram
  • Transmission Hologram
  • Embossed Holograms
  • Integral Hologram
  • Volume Holograms
  • Rainbow Holograms
  • Multiplex Hologram
  • Stereogram
  • Plane Holograms

Advantages of these High Quality Holograms :

  • Customized designed holographic in terms of (images color, intensity and viewing angle)
  • High resolution dot matrix in combination with 2D/3D three dimensional holography
  • Best anti counterfeiting solutions
  • Gives an attractive appearance to the Identifications Cards
  • Provides great protection to the Identifications Cards
  • Clear visibility
  • Tampering proof pressure sensitive or non-self adhesive in nature

Protect against wear and abrasions

Applications :

  • Security documents
  • Pre – printed label on cartons
  • Textile garments
  • Plastic products
  • Paper products like greeting cards and official documents

Affordable Holograms

We offer superior quality of Affordable Holograms that are highly appreciated among our clients. Manufactured from high quality PVC, Paper or Plastic, these holograms are highly durable. Apart from this, we offer these with exquisite color combinations and print the entire specified information by the client, the hologram is in extensive demand. Labeling of products for avoiding counterfeiting has become easier with this range of holograms that we provide.


Accessible in various shapes sizes, and colors these holograms are durable and easily manageable. We are also open to any client specification. The material used in the production of these self-adhesive holograms could be paper or plastic depending upon the application area. Further, these holograms are secure as well as fashionable.

Types of Holograms :

  • Volume Holograms
  • Rainbow Holograms
  • Multiplex Hologram
  • Stereogram
  • Plane Holograms
  • Reflection Hologram
  • Transmission Hologram
  • Embossed Holograms
  • Integral Hologram

Features :

  • Excellent adhesion
  • High tension stress
  • Strong climate stand
  • Adaptability
  • Waterproof
  • High tearing strength
  • Latest design
  • Durable
  • Anti-counterfeit
  • Viscosity strong

Applications :

  • Electronic Equipment
  • Manufacturing Products
  • Appliances
  • Rental Equipment
  • Computers
  • Laptops

Advanced Holograms

Being noted name in producing and supplying Holograms, we offer also offer Advanced Holograms. We manufacture and export the best holograms as we have an in-built multi-facility testing lab to ensure zero defect products. These labels are printed with utmost care in adherence with international quality standards. The printing of these codes is done by our skilled professionals as specified by the clients. Barcodes are scanned with devices like barcode readers to input the data stored in the codes of the objects.

Types of Holograms :

  • Multiplex Hologram
  • Stereogram
  • Plane Holograms
  • Reflection Hologram
  • Embossed Holograms
  • Integral Hologram
  • Volume Holograms
  • Rainbow Holograms
  • Transmission Hologram
  • Features :
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable standards
  • Smooth finish
  • Sophisticated Design
  • Long Functional Life
  • Highly Adhesive
  • Affordable Rates

Applications :

  • Automobile Industries
  • Beauty Care Industries
  • Chemicals Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals Industries
  • Food and Beverage Industries

Instant Holograms
The instant holograms are supplied to clients who need immediate stock. Our range of instant holograms can be supplied in any quantity as required on the same day. These holograms are also supplied when the order is of maximum quantity and the customization is not possible. All the instant holograms are tested on stringent security parameters before dispatching them. Available in variety of colors and patterns, these holograms are cost effective solution for protection against duplication.

Product Details :

  • Minimum Order Quantity 10000 Order
  • Brand HHV
  • Color Custom Made
  • Design Custom Made
  • Model Number HHV
  • Packaging Type Standard
  • Pattern Custom Made
  • Size Custom MadeFeatures of Instant Holograms :
  • No lead time edge
  • Manufactured using high quality material
  • No need of origination charges
  • Highly resistant

Types of Instant Holograms :

Applications :

  • On entry ticket to events, cricket matches, stage shows etc.
  • Different gift vouchers
  • Promotional vouchers

Princess Leia holograms one step closer to reality

Anybody who has ever seen the movie Star Wars remembers the scene in which the robot R2-D2 projects a 3D movie of Princess Leia imploring Obi-Wan Kenobi for help. Now, a new technique can conjure similar rudimentary 3D images out of thin air, a team of engineers reports today in Nature. Although far from as refined as the fictional Princess Leia projection, the new technique might one day help guide surgeons in delicate procedures.

Scientists have tried to create 3D projections, or volumetric displays, for more than a century with varying degrees of success. Some displays work by rapidly projecting a sequence of sliced-up images onto a rotating piece of glass, giving the impression of a complete 3D object. Others beam images onto clouds of fog or dust. However, very few displays can be precisely controlled while still floating freely in the air. It is easy to make a volumetric display that works, [but] it s very difficult to make a volumetric display that works well hence 100 years of research, says Barry Blundell, a physicist and engineer at the University of Derby in the United Kingdom who was not involved in the new work.

Now, a team of engineers has come one step closer to the ideal by exploiting the phenomenon of photophoresis, in which small, airborne particles can be manipulated with an intense beam of light. Daniel Smalley, an electrical engineer at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and colleagues used a special combination of lenses to create a laser beam with both bright and dark regions. The dark areas trap the tiny particles, because heat from the surrounding light pushes them back in if they try to escape.

Using a barely visible violet laser controlled by mirrors, the researchers trapped a cellulose particle and moved it rapidly through space. The quickly moving mote was illuminated by other, colored lasers, making it visible. By moving the trapped particle fast enough, the researchers were able to trace out patterns in the air that, to an observer, appeared as a single image. It s not unlike when you have a sparkler at nighttime and you draw your name in the air, Smalley says. We know intellectually that it s just one spot, but our eyes will integrate if it goes too fast.

Smalley and colleagues have dubbed their device an Optical Trap Display, and with it they produced simple, free-floating outlines of objects including a butterfly and the university s logo. Unlike holograms like the ones on your credit cards these images can be viewed from any angle, no matter where you are standing. Just like the projections of sci-fi films, they actually take up 3D space.

The team also created detailed, high-resolution images, but these required more movement of the laser and so needed more time to produce. A picture of Earth, for example, took almost 20 seconds to create, so it could only be captured by a camera with a long exposure time. And all the detailed images were less than 3 centimeters wide, tiny enough to hover over the tip of a single finger. These limitations could be overcome by using a plane of particles moving simultaneously, rather than relying on a single particle to do all the work, Smalley says. Blundell agrees: That is where the scaling up of the technology will either do well or fail.

But even with further improvements, volumetric displays will never provide the photorealism we might expect from the movies, Blundell says. The real benefits, he says, will come from the ability to display spatial relationships in a way we can t do today: Using 3D visualizations instead of 2D ones, for example, could help physicians facing complicated procedures. If you re threading a catheter through the vasculature of the brain or the heart those are some complicated 3D paths, Smalley says. If you could get a high-resolution MRI image of the data before the procedure … you could use this little display to give you the cross section of the artery, and avoid harming patients.

are they still the preserve of science fiction?

A projected Princess Leia in Star Wars suggested a 3D future, but we ll have to wait a while before we are playing holochess.he fragile apparition endured only long enough to say: Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you re my only hope before flickering out. But R2D2 s 3D projection gave millions of young eyes, including mine, their first taste of holograms, and planted unrealistic expectations of a future playing dejarik, the gruesome game of holographic chess played on board the Millennium Falcon.

The concept of the hologram was already familiar, invented in the 1940s by physicist Dennis Gabor, but since the force reawakened the idea almost 40 years later, things haven t really moved on. Why aren t real, moving, Leia-style holograms now part of our day-to-day lives?

That depends on your definition of a hologram. We have made astounding strides in 3D TV and virtual reality, and in the eye-twistingly complex world of computer-generated holography (CGH) – simply put, a way of recording and reproducing 3D images on a medium like standard images on film. Getting those images to move is a huge challenge.

What the the rest of us probably want to see is an independent 3D image you can see from any angle, one that behaves like a solid object – what some scientists call the volumetric image. And special headgear or glasses somehow seems like cheating. Obi Wan didn t need them, after all.

Of course, we are already using 3D technology, from autocad and ultra-realistic remote conferencing, to medical technology that allows surgeons to operate remotely or students to learn anatomy.

Indeed, 3D TV caused objects to leap off the screen, but it only worked at certain angles and the specs were a bore. The market sniffed a gimmick and it was gone as quickly as it arrived.